"Find yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

JAM Feeding Project Special Partnership

The Us4You Foundation in partnership with JAM South Africa is currently feeding over 380 children daily, at 5 pre-schools in Orange Farm, namely: Vulingqondo Pre-School Day Care Centre, Sizenzele Day Care Orphans Centre, Ebenezer Creche, Zamani Day Care Centre, and Khulani Day Care Centre.

Our daily contribution provides 100 grams (a little less than ½ cup) of vitamin and mineral fortified porridge mix for these children through their schools. This porridge (CSB) usually made from a blend of ground corn or sorghum with soybeans, sugar, vitamins and minerals, is cooked with water and provides approximately 75 percent of a child’s recommended daily allowance. When poured into their JAM red bowls, this seemingly simple porridge represents a life full of hope for these children along with a nourished body and mind. For those children too ill to attend school, JAM produces and provides a life saving food known as Plumpy’nut to malnutrition clinics. Similar to peanut butter, Plumpy’nut products provide high nutrition and calories in an easy to digest paste to children battling for their lives. Diet and nutrition plays a critical role in the physical and intellectual development of children.

The Us4You Foundation also sponsors feeding children at Plastic View School in Soshanguve.